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Soba Tea

Our Soba tea is made of 100% natural Tartary buckwheat granules, roasted to perfection according to our special recipe. This caffeine-free herbal tea has a toasty aroma and nutty, sweet flavour which can be enjoyed hot or cold.

In Japan and other parts of Asia, Soba Tea is popular due to its fantastic health benefits, such as regulating blood sugar levels and improving digestion.

Soba Tea is 100% caffeine-free, an excellent tea for drinking daily and at any time, that’s why we called it 24 Tea! Unlike the caffeinated drinks, which buzz you up, then leave asking for more, Soba tea has a unique effect: while it does make one more relaxed, it helps to focus and get through the daily to do list, but never messing with your sleep schedule.



Soba Tea Benefits

Buckwheat has many nourishing and health benefits, that provide great support for your healthy lifestyle journey: 


                helps you hydrate and stimulate your metabolism

                removes excess fluid and toxins (detox effect)

 - reduces the concentration of glucose in the body, helping to manage diabetes

- naturally contains catechins, that have been clinically proven to help weight control

                is full of antioxidants and vitamins, which help your immune system, improve digestive function, eliminate bloating and constipation

                lowers blood pressure and cholesterol

                can prevent kidney problems


There is several types of Soba tea, some are simply using the buckwheat kernels for brewing, but we have tested many different types to find the perfectly roasted Tartary buckwheat granules that provide authentic golden colour, the strongest aroma and long-lasting taste.




How to brew your Soba Tea

  •  Brew water to nearly 100 C degrees - which is ideal for bringing out the fragrance and flavor.
  •  Pour water over a spoonful of tea.
  •  Steep for 3-5 minutes and enjoy your favorite natural or coconut Soba tea!
  •  You can easily rebrew your tea 2-3 times, it will remain very tasty and fragrant!
  •  For hot summer days, drink it iced! Simply brew your tea just like usually, then let it cool in the fridge or put some ice in the glass.
  •  Try soba tea in form of latte, or for your favorite healthy treats, such as puddings, popsicles etc! 
Do not forget to share your recipes with us and tag #24teamoment for a chance to win a free pack of 24 Tea!