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About Us


We are Liuba and Anna, the creators of  the brand "24 Tea", who want to share their favourite super-drink with you! 

Soba tea is our safe haven of peace and zen in modern world. Our escape from office routine and constant pressure. Our little “me moment” during working hours or off-duty time at home. It is more than just a tea, it’s an opportunity to treat your body and soul and relax. A perfect match to a good book and your favourite podcast or simply a lovely finishing note to a lunchtime break.


There is many healthy teas around the world but none match the taste and coziness factor of the Soba tea. Now you can imagine that our personal stocks were always running out and restocking was always an issue, so we decided to be among the first ones to bring our precious Asian treasure to Europe and share it with you and the rest of the world.

Soba tea is a healthy way to support your diet and nourish your body! Try it now!